What’s My Heart Rate

How It Works

  • Your heartbeat causes micro color changes on your face. When your heart beats, a pulse of blood sent through your blood vessels. Blood absorbs light. When more blood flows through the vessels, less light hitting your face is being reflected. Our software uses camera and a software algorithm to detect these micro changes, with beat-to-beat accuracy. The algorithm is built based on reliable non-contact photoplethysmography concept.
  • This is an on-going research being done in many research labs. To read on notable source regarding this research, pleaseGoogle it, or search on YouTube.


Real Time Measurements

Watch the fluctuations in your heart rate and breathing rate in real time!

No External Device

What’s My Heart Rate only relies on your device’s front or back camera and does not require you to purchase additional hardware.

Proven Accuracy

We have tested the accuracy of What’s My Heart Rate against medical devices (see: Pulse Oximetry) with only a 3% error in ideal conditions.