What’s My Heart Rate – FAQ

Although tested against real world medical devices, the app’s accuracy is dependent on surrounding lighting conditions and is only meant as a casual heart rate monitoring tool. It is best to use an ISO Certified medical device where accuracy is critical.
It has been verified against a pulse oximeter with a 3% difference in readings under normal conditions.
In our algorithm, we try to reject noise which arise from photos caused by motion, environmental light flickering, etc. However, if the noise falls into human heartbeat frequency range, we might mistakenly identify it as a heart beat signal.
We suggest the following tips when taking a reading using our app:

  • Ensure the surrounding environment is well lit. Morning sunlight is the best.
  • Hold your device steadily, or place it on a fixed surface.
  • Avoid moving your head when taking a measurement using the face mode.

You may use the fingertip mode if your device is equipped with an LED. Switch to the back camera to activate finger mode.
We have done intensive testing on various devices before releasing it. But due to the fragmentation of Android devices, it might not work optimally on some devices, especially the older ones. Kindly contact us at our Facebook page if you face any problems and we will do our best to get back to you.
Kindly contact us at our Facebook page. We look forward to hear from you!