This app is designed with the intention to help you achieving a calm state of mind and relaxation by guiding you in controlling your breath’s pace and rate as well as providing real-time bio-feedbacks.


Real Time Biometric Feedback

Track your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and performance in real time with our easy to read charts.

No External Devices

No additional hardware is required to take a reading. Simple press your finger on your phone’s camera and you’re good to go.

Accurate Measurements

Accurate readings comparable to a pulse oximeter (2% error).

Personal Performance Records

All your training sessions are stored and presented in an easy to read way with beautiful charts.

Journaling Feature

A built in journal feature is provided for you to jot down your everyday training and moods.

iCloud Enabled

All your performance records and settings are stored and synced to iCloud, allowing you to bring your data wherever you go.


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