Breathtaking Adventure – FAQ

In Breathtaking Adventure, your performance in the game is affected by how well you follow the breathing guidance. The guidance is adjusted to be in a regular and soothing frequency, and by following that frequency you too can adjust your breathing to be more healthy.
Just follow the breathing pacer visible around your in game avatar. Inhale when it expands, and exhale when it contracts. Try to keep up with it, while collecting the stars and avoiding obstacles along the way. The better your breathing, the higher your score! Collect stars to buy upgrades which will help you complete the objectives that appear and achieve a higher score!
We try our best to provide a smooth gameplay experience, but some older generation devices might not meet expectations in terms of performance, due to the computational complexity of the tracking algorithm. It is advised that you close other apps while you play this game.
Controlled breathing does not have immediately visible effects, and will gradually improve your health as you practice every day. Breathtaking Adventure helps to bring the fun out of practice so that you don’t get bored and give up half way.