Asthma Breathing Techniques: Do They Work?


Asthma breathing techniques may be used as part of your treatment for asthma. Find out which breathing exercises have research to back them up. Anyone with asthma can tell you that breathing can be troublesome. But are special exercises designed for those with asthma among the asthma breathing tips you…

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Difficulty Breathing in Children


Difficulty breathing can occur when a child’s lungs or heart are not working well. Mild trouble breathing means: The child is breathing a little faster than usual. The child seems a little out of breath but can still eat or talk. Moderate trouble breathing means: The child is breathing a…

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Stress Management – Effects of Stress


Stress causes changes in your body. It also affects your emotions. How stress affects the body Common symptoms of stress include: A fast heartbeat. A headache. A stiff neck and/or tight shoulders. Back pain. Fast breathing. Sweating, and sweaty palms. An upset stomach, nausea, or diarrhea. Over time, stress can…

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Signs Your Child May Be Stressed


For a little kid, events like moving to a new house or starting preschool are big deals that can trigger big stress. Here’s how to recognize the signs that your child may be having a tough time — plus tactics to help him cope. Compared with adulthood, childhood is carefree,…

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Six Tips for Relieving Stress


Stress may be a factor in unwanted weight gain, and it is also a major contributor to many health conditions. In fact, recent studies have shown that at least 80 percent of doctor visits are for health problems that have been triggered by stress! Evidently, we could all use some…

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3 Deep Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety


Deep breathing has become increasingly important in my recovery from depression and anxiety because I recognize that shallow breath contributes to my panic. In fact, at my worst hours, I would use a paper bag to keep from hyperventilating. The practice of deep breathing stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS),…

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