Release Stress and Pain

We rely on our bodies to tell us when we are in pain, and the body, like the mind, follows familiar patterns. Hypochondriacs, for example, grasp the first sign of discomfort as a clear message that they are seriously ill.

In your own case, you are also taking familiar sensations and using them to confirm your suffering. Many depressed people, for example, will interpret fatigue as depression. Because they haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep or have been overworked on the job, they interpret feeling depleted as a symptom of depression.

The way to deal with these sensations is to strip away the interpretations. Instead of being sad, look upon this as the energy of sadness. Like fatigue, sadness has a bodily component that can be discharged. Instead of being an anxious person, deal with the energy of anxiety.

All energies are discharged in the same way.

1. Take a deep breath, sit quietly, and feel the sensation in your body.

2. Feel the sensation without judgment. Just be with it.

3. Let any feelings, thoughts, or energies that want to come up do so. This often means listening to the voice of anxiety, anger, fear or woundedness. Let the voices say what they want to say. Listen and understand what is going on.

4. Watch the energy disperse as much as it can. Don’t demand complete discharge. Take the attitude that your body will let go of as much stored energy as it is able to.

5. After a few hours or the next day, repeat this whole process.

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