Six Tips for Relieving Stress

Stress may be a factor in unwanted weight gain, and it is also a major contributor to many health conditions. In fact, recent studies have shown that at least 80 percent of doctor visits are for health problems that have been triggered by stress!

Evidently, we could all use some help relaxing. To that end, we offer you a heavenly stress-relieving bath formula, a super-effective relaxing visualization, and four helpful tips for reducing stress. May the unwanted pounds be released, may our bodies, minds, and spirits feel soothed and at ease, and may we all create more peace in the world.

Four Tips for Reducing Stress

1. Laugh. When you laugh, you actually cause a pleasurable change in your body’s chemistry that lasts as long as 45 minutes. So take in a comedy at the movies, watch a funny television show, or invite friends over for a game of charades.

2. Pets. Physical contact with pets or even just their presence has been proved to be therapeutic for hospital patients. Play with your dog, hold your cat, or sing to your bird: all of these activities can help reduce blood pressure and bring a feeling of calm.

3. Nature. The soothing, stress-relieving power of nature has been recognized for centuries. Many hospitals and health centers now make “nature areas” a part of their therapeutic environment. And when properly tailored to the individual’s conditioning and enjoyment, physical exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety. Take a walk outside!

4. Music. Music’s calming effect has been proved during dental procedures, during labor, before and after surgery, and in emergency rooms. This effect is probably due to music’s ability to distract and soothe.

Stress Relief Bath

Add the following to a warm bath and soak your cares away.


3 drops bergamot essential oil
2 drops clary sage essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops neroli essential oil
2 drops sandalwood essential oil

Stress-Reducing Visualization

This may be performed in the tub along with your stress relief bath formula, or sitting in a chair.

1. Close your eyes and simply take a deep breath. Breathe in calmness and exhale tension, breathe with your belly, imagining that your lungs are sitting right behind your belly button. To fill them with air, relax your abdomen, and let it expand with each breath. Slowly inhale for a count of 8, filling your belly, and slowly exhale to the count of 8.

2. Do a few repetitions of this and then, starting with the top of the head, release the tension from tour muscles one by one, all the way to your toes and back up again. Continue to breathe in relaxation and exhale tension.

3. Now that your body feels soft and relaxed, allow your awareness to come inside yourself. Visualize yourself walking on a path among trees. In front of you is a gate. Open the gate and step in to a beautiful garden.

4. You see and smell beautiful flowers. You see lush palm trees, fruit trees, and tropical blossoms with sweet fragrances. Touch them. . . inhale the aromas. Each time you inhale, you feel more calm and relaxed. Listen to the singing birds, Feel the calm, gentle breeze.

5. A wonderful feeling of peace and joy drifts through your mind and flows through your body. Visualize a magnificent cool waterfall. As you step into it, feel the clean, refreshing water cleansing you from the top of your head down to your toes, washing away every bit of stress and anxiety. Allow your being to be restored on all levels.

6. Now project your thoughts forward. In a vision, see yourself in what might be a stressful situation, but allow the exquisite feeling of relaxation to continue to soothe your thoughts. Allow the relaxed state you are feeling now to weave a tapestry of a totally stress-free consciousness into your vision. Your mind and body are being conditioned to respond calmly to stress.

7. Open your eyes slowly and take with you this calm and relaxing feeling, remembering you can always return to this peaceful garden of serenity that is your own private sanctuary.

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