Stressed Out: 5 Signs That You Have Too Much Stress

 image : Bernard Goldbach

Stress is everywhere.

Standing in a line while you are illegally parked, finals week, waiting for the doctor to call back, or frantically cleaning before visitors carry varying degrees of stress. The occasional “manic Monday” is natural, however suffering from daily doses of stress hormones can lead to subtle symptoms affecting not only your mind, but your body as well.

If you think you may be stressed out, look for some of these key signs:

1. Weird or Reoccurring Dreams
One might think sleeping would be the easiest way to leave your troubles behind – unfortunately, a high stress level can sometimes follow us to bed. Ever dreamt about missing a plane or bus, lost your car or missing a final exam? These are classic stress-related dreams.

2. Tooth Trouble/Achy Jaw
Grinding your teeth during sleep is also a very common sleep habit. Some people hold tension in their jaw and may unconsciously clench it throughout the day. Both symptoms of chronic stress can lead to larger problems such as cracked and/or damaged teeth.

3. Weekend Headaches
The weekend is a time one can usually relax – ever notice headaches on Saturday or Sunday? Sudden decreases in stress can cause tension or “stress” headaches. This type of headache involves both sides of the head and generally feels like tightness in the forehead or back of the neck.

4. Tight Muscles
Stress directly affects our musculoskeletal system. Just like jaw tension, we can hold stress in other areas of our bodies, too. Tension in muscles can trigger painful spasms as well as constant eyelid twitching.

5. Confusion
Stress causes distraction and a lack of focus. Sometimes, when we are overcome with stress, we find ourselves in a state of paralysis over mundane decisions. This is because stress hormones reside longest in the brain!

If any of these symptoms ring a bell, you may be more stressed than you realize. To relieve yourself from stress, try out our app, iRelief. You’ll be able to learn to control your breath and lower your stress all from your iPhone, along with real time bio-feedback recording!