13 Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

1. Respiratory System Works Better
Respiratory difficulties such as asthma, bronchitis and even chest pain can subside.

2. Digestive System Does Its Job
What I have learned through my health-coaching is that constipation is very common and is often due to shallow breathing. When people learn to breathe into their lower abdomen they begin to have regular bowel movements right away.

Breathing into the gut massages the internal organs to function well. It calms the emotions which directly affects the digestion system. There are other ways to improve digestion but this is an easy one.

3. Lymph System Works Well
Increases circulation of lymphatic fluid which speeds recovery after illnesses.

4. Circulation System Moves
Increases oxygen to the heart.
Blood circulates, relieving congestion throughout the body.
There is a flow of oxygen to the brain and eyes.

5. Immune System has More Energy
Helps tissues to regenerate and heal.
Creates more energy for the body to heal and detoxify.

6. Nervous System is Calmer
Anxiety can be reversed by deep-breathing habits.
You may start to see balance in the two sides of the brain.

7. Muscular and Structurally you Move
When you breathe easier you move easier.
Reduces muscular tension.
Increases flexibility and strength of joints.

8. Cleansing Systems Work Better
Excess fluids are eliminated through the breath.
Stress on organs is lessened, allowing the body to naturally cleanse.

9. Mentally Present
Mental observation and concentration is improved.
Greater productivity and learning.
Better decision making.

10. Physical Appearance is Better
Wrinkles are less from improved circulation.
Breathing helps create beautiful skin at any age.

11. Emotionally Feel Better
Breathing deeply relaxes the body, reducing feelings of stress.
Releases endorphins, natural painkillers that create a natural highs and easy sleep.
Creates more awareness and self-love leading to a healthier life.

12. Relationships
Self-love can help to have greater compassion for others.
Sexual enjoyment is increased by being more present with your partner and breathing well increases intensity of an orgasm. It really is a natural aphrodisiac.

13. Spirituality
Deepens meditation.
Intuition increases when you’re relaxed.
Creativity increases.


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