Facion SDK


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What is it?

The Facion SDK provides developers with tools to develop cross-platform health applications utilizing only a color camera which is commonly equipped on modern electronic devices.

Through the SDK, developers can easily track a user’s heart beat and breathing rate, only requiring the user to look into the camera or placing a finger on the camera lens.

Currently, the SDK is in it’s early alpha stage. Register your email above and we will let you know when it’s ready!

Products Utilizing Facion SDK

What’s My Heart Rate

A heart rate measurement app using our face heart rate claculation algorithm.


Breath training and pacer app utilizing the finger calculation algorithm.

Breathtaking Adventure

A game that teaches you how to breath properly.


Face Heart Rate

Accurate heart rate measurement by analysing a stream of video frames.

Breath Rate Measurement

A robust algorithm to measure the breathes per minute of an individual through video processing techniques.

Finger Heart Rate

Tested and proven measurements of heart pulses by utilising a LED flash enabled camera.

Cross Platform

The Facion SDK supports some of the most popular platforms: iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Native Performance

The SDK is developed in C++ (bound to Java using the NDK for Android), which gives you the raw power of running applications at the native speed of the platform you work on.

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